Bilberry Benefits

bilberry benefits

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Bilberry for Eyes. Bilberry is a European plant related to the blueberry and the huckleberry, and best known as a therapeutic herb for improving a wide array of vision disorders. It is particularly famous for improving the night vision of British Royal Air Force bomber pilots in World War II.

Bilberry Benefits

Bilberry extract contains a complex blend of nutraceutical ingredients that each may play some part in the overall therapeutic value of the plant. Among these ingredients are tannins, alkaloids, phenolic acids, bioflavonoids, and at least 15 carotenoids called anthocyanosides.

Carotenoids are organic pigments that occur naturally in some plants. A deficiency of some carotenoids, mainly Lutein, can lead to blindness. The carotenoids in bilberry are potent antioxidants that support normal eye structure and function. Bilberry is considered especially therapeutic on the capillaries of the eyes.

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Research indicates that bilberry is very effective for myopia (near-sightedness). Studies show bilberry to help reduce or reverse Macular Degeneration, although lutein is the carotenoid considered most helpful with that disorder. Bilberry provides vascular support for the micro-circulation of blood to the eyes, making it helpful for issues related to diabetic retinopathy and night-blindness. *

By strengthening the capillaries, bilberry may reduce the leakage that occurs from these tiny, fragile blood vessels. Leaky capillaries are associated with swelling, water retention, and inflammation. Other vascular issues related to porous capillaries include easy bruising and varicose veins.

Bilberry may improve micro-circulation to the skin, supporting skin health. Bilberry is also shown to inhibit elastase, an enzyme that causes degradation of collagen.

Bilberry extract increases the regeneration rate of rhodopsin, a purple pigment the eyes need for adapting to changes in light. This helps with rapid changes of light levels, such as after a bright flash of light.

Bilberry is shown to improve vision in people with vision disorders and also in people that already have healthy vision.

Suggested usage for adults is one softgel taken 1-2 times per day. Best taken with food.

INGREDIENTS: Each softgel contains:

  • Bilberry fruit (vaccinium myrtillus) 1000 mg (from 250 mg of a 4:1 extract)

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