Oregano Oil Liquid Drops

bottle of oregano oil

USDA-certified organic oregano oil

for healthy immune response
1 fluid ounce (600 drops)
90 mg of oregano oil per serving of 2 drops, yielding 67.5 mg carvacrol

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USDA-certified 100% organic oregano oil from Island Organics®, standardized to contain at least 75% natural carvacrol. Made from the correct plant type, which is the true oregano (Origanum vulgare).

Our IslandPure™ oregano oil is 100% grown and extracted in Spain (not China or Turkey), then bottled in the U.S. We produce the oil using chemical-free steam distillation, so there is no toxic chemical residue. It is cruelty-free and vegetarian. It has a low Thymol content that contributes to the overall polyphenol profile without overpowering the carvacrol.

We standardize our organic oregano oil for a high percentage of carvacrol, while retaining a broad spectrum of other oregano polyphenols and related phytonutrients. We achieve the high-polyphenol, broad-spectrum content based both on the optimal oregano growing conditions of southern Spain and on our proprietary extraction method that uses a combination of fresh and dry plant matter. We never spike our oil with synthetic carvacrol.

This is a pure, undiluted oregano oil with no carrier. It is 100% pure oregano oil, so it needs to be diluted before use, for example with a carrier oil like almond oil.

Supports healthy immune system response, healthy gut flora, and healthy systemic microbiome.

Also available in easy-to-use liquid-filled Oregano Oil Capsules with enhanced lipid delivery system.

INGREDIENTS: Each serving of 2 drops contains:


  • Organic oregano oil 90 mg, yielding 67.5 mg of natural carvacrol

75% Carvacrol Organic Oregano Oil.
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