Proteolytic Enzymes

systemic proteolytic enzymes

systemic proteolytic enzymes

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Proteolytic Enzymes, Proteolytic Enzyme Supplements. Proenzyme is a blend of systemic proteolytic enzymes from American Enzyme Company™. It is a powerful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory enzyme supplement that supports the following normal health structure and function:

  • immune system *
  • normal inflammation *
  • cardiovascular health *
  • blood cleaning *
  • pain relief *
  • dissolving dead tissues *
  • wound healing *
  • improved body weight *
  • response to virus, bacteria and fungus *
Proteolytic enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes drive the chemical reactions necessary for life and for every function of the body. For vitamins, minerals and hormones to work properly, there must be enough systemic proteolytic enzymes. People taking enzymes can experience a wide range of health improvements, as other body chemicals and supplements start to work better. It is normal for people taking enzymes to have more youthful energy and to just “feel really, really good.”

A low amount of inflammation is normal and healthy. The ProEnzyme blend supports normal, low inflammation levels, so the body can protect itself against the rapid aging caused by out-of-control inflammation. The effectiveness of the anti-aging salmon diet is largely because salmon is anti-inflammatory; and these proteolytic enzymes have a similar benefit.

Enzymes also help with healthy weight loss. People often lose weight by drinking fresh vegetable juices. Since juice is full of carbs, you might expect it to cause weight gain; but since fresh vegetable juice is also full of enzymes, it actually causes substantial weight loss.

There are basically two kinds of enzyme supplements: Digestive Enzymes for supporting the digestion of food, and Systemic Enzymes for supporting chemical reactions throughout the body. Systemic Enzymes are also called Proteolytic Enzymes.

Systemic proteolytic enzymes work best in a blend because the individual enzymes will act differently on various chemicals in the body. Individual enzymes also have maximum activity at different temperatures and pH levels; for this reason, an enzyme that works well in the temperature and pH of the intestines might not work as well in the blood and body tissues. When combined in a blend, the individual enzymes work synergistically as a team, for an enhanced benefit over a wide range of body conditions.

Enzymes are made by the body, and they are also available in raw foods, including meat. When food is cooked, it destroys the enzymes; and this puts a greater burden on the body to produce the enzymes required to sustain life. The body has a limited ability to produce its own enzymes. As we get older, it is harder for the body to produce enough enzymes, and it becomes more important to take an enzyme supplement.

It is critical for the body to have enough enzymes to digest food and to dissolve foreign proteins. Foreign proteins are proteins that are not a part of your body, such as tumors and bacteria. It is a normal part of the body’s function for enzymes to dissolve (digest) these foreign proteins. If the body does not have enough systemic enzymes for normal health, there will be health problems.

Vegetarian Enzymes

Enzyme supplements can come from animal sources, plant sources and fungal sources. Animal-source enzymes such as trypsin and chymotrypsin can be extremely effective, but many people are rightly concerned about animal diseases such as Mad Cow Disease. Therefore, we DO NOT sell animal-based enzymes.

Fungal-source enzymes are lab-produced and extremely safe. Fungal enzymes are effective over a wider range of temperature and pH, so they are the preferred source. We believe that the enzymes we get from American Enzyme Company are far superior to any animal enzymes, including chymotrypsin, which is successfully used for proteolytic enzyme therapy.

Unlike other supplements, quality enzymes are not normally measured by weight (mg, and so forth). Instead, enzymes are measured by “activity,” which is determined by standard tests. Unfortunately, these tests do not always tell the whole story. For example, the HUT test for measuring protease enzymes (the enzymes that act on protein) is designed for the pH and temperature of the digestive system. When evaluating enzymes, you must take into account both the measurement of activity and the optimization of the enzymes.

ProteoPhase 7.0 is a high-power blend of protease enzymes extracted from a fungal source. It is even more powerful than suggested by the very high 86,600 HUT activity rating. The activity of this blend is excellent compared to other enzymes that are optimized for the acidic digestive system and/or to score well on the acidic HUT assay. ProteoPhase 7.0 is optimized for 98.6-degrees Fahrenheit and 7.0 pH, which is the temperature and pH of blood and tissues.

Serrapeptase is also called Serratia peptidase or silkworm enzyme. It is the same proteolytic enzyme used by silkworms to dissolve their silk cocoons. Serrapeptase is anti-inflammatory and dissolves foreign proteins. It is from a safe fungal source, and it is used in the ProEnzyme blend to replace Chymotrypsin and Trypsin, which come from animal sources. Chymotrypsin blends are used in Europe to dissolve dead tissue and to disrupt fibrin coating of tumor cells.

ProEnzyme does not contain chymotrypsin or any other animal-based enzymes.

Rutizoid-NK is a proprietary rutin bioflavonoid that enhances the anti-inflammatory action of the proteolytic enzymes.

Papain is a protease enzyme from papaya, useful for wound-healing and swelling. Bromelain is a protease enzyme from pineapple.

Amylase is not a protein-dissolving (protease) enzyme. Instead, amylase digests carbohydrates. Lipase is an enzyme that digests fat.

The ProEnzyme ingredients were selected to work together for a powerful, anti-aging enzyme activity. The blend is designed to support immunity, anti-inflammation and Systemic Enzyme Therapy.

Normal dosage: 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach with water; preferably at least 30 minutes before meals.

Therapeutic dosage: up to 20 capsules daily in divided doses on an empty stomach with water; preferably at least 30 minutes before meals (or 45 minutes after meals).

INGREDIENTS (per 1000 mg serving of two capsules): Proprietary systemic proteolytic enzyme formula:

  • ProteoPhase 7.0 (multi-protease blend) 86,600 HUT
  • serrapeptase 4,000 units
  • rutizoid-NK (proprietary rutin) 40mg
  • papain & bromelain 7,200,000 PU
  • amylase 12,000 DU
  • lipase 1,000 LU