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royal jelly benefits
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royal jelly health benefits

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Royal Jelly Supplements are natural brain supplements that come from a food substance made by bees. It is Royal Jelly that transforms an ordinary bee into a queen bee. Queen bees live for up to 6 years, and worker bees live just 6 weeks; but they all start out genetically identical. The only difference is that the young queen eats nothing but royal jelly, while worker bees eat honey and pollen.

Royal Jelly is a natural substance from the bee hive that has been used by people around the world throughout history. It is popularly recognized as a natural brain supplement with anti-aging health benefits.

The following are sometimes claimed to be Health Benefits of Royal Jelly:

  • supports longevity *
  • broad-spectrum brain supplement *
  • improves mental stamina *
  • inhibits fatigue *
  • supports immune system *
  • anti-inflammation *
  • supports wound healing *
  • stimulates growth of brain stem cells *
  • inhibits vascularization of tumors *

Royal Jelly is a complex natural substance that cannot be duplicated in a lab. It contains a balance of enzymes, monosaccharides vitamins, minerals, and countless micronutrients.

Royal Jelly supplements are extraordinarily difficult to produce. The hive is provoked to make a new queen, and the Royal Jelly is taken only from the hive cell prepared for the new queen bee.


INGREDIENTS: Each softgel contains:


  • Royal Jelly 500 mg (from 152 mg of concentrate)

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