Wild Salmon Oil

wild salmon oil benefits

salmon oil benefits

with Astaxanthin
120 fish oil softgels
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Salmon Marine Gold™ — Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil Supplements from from Island Nutrition®. The best fish oil supplement for omega three is extra-virgin Wild Salmon Oil prepared with minimal processing to preserve the delicate omega-three nutrients.

This fish oil supplement comes from wild-harvested salmon, naturally rich in omega three. Another reason this is the best fish oil supplement is that it is extra-virgin salmon oil, meaning it is Cold-Pressed with NO chemical solvents, preserving the quality of the oil. It is also Mercury-Safe, meaning there is no detectable mercury (<0.01 ppm)! The extra-virgin processing method maintains very high concentrations of healthy DHA and EPA omega-three oils in the salmon oil, while preserving other omega-three fatty acids and cofactors. This premium, extra-virgin Wild Salmon Oil is an internal moisturizer for radiant youthful skin, brain structure, healthy hair, skin and eyes, muscles, joints and connective tissues, cardiovascular and heart health.

Looking for the Wrinkle Cure?

If you have tried Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s wrinkle cure salmon diet, you were probably amazed at the benefits — most people look years younger within days — but you may have had a hard time staying on the strict salmon diet day after day.

The hardest part of the anti-wrinkle diet is eating large amounts of salmon, so our premium Wild Salmon Oil is a great salmon oil supplement for people to benefit from this diet. Salmon Marine Gold softgels are premium salmon oil supplements in every way.

Our salmon oil fish oil softgels provide large quantities of omega-three fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, plus antioxidants that act as natural preservatives to prevent the rancidity and fishy smell that are common with ordinary salmon oil or fish oil supplements.

DHA and EPA are the best-known omega-3 fatty acids, and many “pharmaceutical-grade” fish oil supplements are highly processed to concentrate and isolate these nutrients. But our premium wild salmon oil extra-virgin fish oil supplement is not over-processed; it is a minimally processed oil that is naturally high in DHA and EPA as well as a full spectrum of other, lesser known omega-3 fatty acids and their naturally occurring co-factors. Many benefits of salmon oil come from the DHA, EPA and also the many other omega-3 oils. These “other” omega three oils help make Salmon Marine Gold virgin salmon oil the best fish oil supplements.

Wild Salmon Oil benefits include natural Astaxanthin (not synthetic). It is the primary carotenoid pigment that gives salmon and salmon oil its rich pink color, and it is a powerful antioxidant.

Wild Salmon Oil benefits:

  • skin conditions such as inflammation or dry skin *
  • “wrinkle cure” for wrinkled scaly skin *
  • internal moisturizing *
  • brain supplement *
  • cognitive function *
  • ocular nutrition *
  • cardiovascular system *
  • joint health *
  • internal organs *
  • hair and nails *
  • best fish oil supplement for omega three *
  • premium extra-virgin salmon oil benefits*

Wild Salmon Oil inhibits at least two of the major causes of skin aging: It reverses skin aging by inhibiting inflammation. And it protects the skin from photo-aging (sun skin aging).

Photo-aging is what causes skin on the face to age faster than skin on the buttocks, which are rarely exposed to solar radiation. Studies show omega-three oils to improve resistance to sunburn.

Salmon is called Brain Food because it contains DHA and EPA, an omega-3 oil that makes up much of the brain’s tissue structure. DHA is required for normal brain structure. Wild salmon oil with high DHA content is considered one of the best brain supplements.

Brains deficient in DHA will substitute other fatty acids, causing cumulative deformities in brain structure. DHA supplementation can reverse those deformities. It is a good idea to take salmon oil as the best fish oil supplement any time a “bad” fat is eaten.

One study showed that rats fed a diet low in DHA had brain damage that passed down to their offspring.

Studies show that as little as 200 mg per day of DHA supplements can improve I.Q. and reverse learning disabilities.

Our premium Wild Salmon Oil is prepared using a minimal, proprietary method to preserve oil quality. Mercury in fish is a serious problem. The wild salmon used for our fish oil supplement is naturally very low in mercury, compared to other fish, and the proprietary processing eliminates any traces of mercury or other pollutants. Our wild salmon oil contains no detectable mercury (<0.01 ppm). If you have stopped eating fish because of mercury concerns, then you should definitely be taking our wild salmon oil. Our Wild Salmon Oil is extra-virgin quality with a mild, fresh taste. It contains astaxanthin and other trace nutrients. Because of the minimal processing, it is naturally rich with antioxidants, which help preserve freshness. Because of the quality raw material and the proprietary processing method, this Wild Salmon Oil is substantially superior to other salmon oil and fish oil supplements. Unlike many other fish oil products, this premium Wild Salmon Oil has no rancid fishy smell or taste.

INGREDIENTS (per serving of two softgels): Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil 2000 mg yielding the following

  • Total omega-3 oils 400 mg
    • EPA 160 mg
    • DHA 145-150 mg
    • other Omega 3 oils 90-95 mg
  • Naturally occurring Astaxanthin
  • Naturally occurring Antioxidants

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Salmon oil benefits
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