20% Hydroxytyrosol Olive Fruit Extract

20% Hydroxytyrosol Complex Olive Fruit Extract.

This standardized Olive FRUIT Extract is a very high dose of the same OleuroPure™ olive fruit extract that we use to boost the polyphenol profile in our Olive LEAF Extract products. The fruit extract is standardized for Hydroxytyrosol instead of Oleuropein.

In general, our fruit and leaf extracts have the same benefits. For most people, we recommend our leaf extract, which already includes a significant bonus dose of our fruit extract. The standalone fruit extract has a few advantages that make it a great alternative for some people:

  1. The fruit extract does not have the same bitter taste as the leaf extract, so it is great for those who mix the powder into food or drink instead of taking a capsule.
  2. The fruit extract is more potent (comparing mg to mg), so the effective dosage is lower, and the capsule is smaller.
  3. Much of the benefit of Oleuropein comes from its partial conversion to Hydroxytyrosol in the gut. People with digestive issues can benefit from a higher dose of Hydroxytyrosol.
  4. Hydroxytyrosol has more medical studies and is a more popular olive polyphenol in many countries.

There are 90 capsules per bottle. Each vegetarian capsule contains 100 mg of olive fruit extract standardized to contain the following:

  • at least 20% total hydroxytyrosol complex, which includes both Hydroxytyrosol and related polyphenols such as Tyrosol, Oleacein and Oleocanthal.
  • at least 16% pure hydroxytyrosol.

90 capsules — Island Nutrition® brand Olive FRUIT Extract
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